Asmara, 26 August 2009 – NEWS

The Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with partners, organized a national workshop yesterday here in the capital regarding food and agricultural marketing information system

In the workshop in which representatives of various private and government institutions took part, the director of planning and statistics branch in the Ministry, Mr. Solomon Haile, indicated that the workshop is aimed at gathering marketing information about food and agricultural output at the regional level, in addition to raising awareness regarding its significance.

He further pointed out that the information system formulated by COMESA has enable the member sates to exchange and disseminate enough information as regards the current market of food stuffs and output. Mr. Solomon also stressed the importance of the system in mapping out national strategy focusing on trade and investment.

Likewise, a representative of COMESA, Mr. Raymond Kiesolo, stated that the information system is devised with a view to providing significant information to private and government institutions engaged in business activities about food security, animal health, plant protection and food stuff safety.