Asmara, 1 November 2009 ( News )

As part of the continuous donations extended by nationals living inside and outside the country to assist martyrs’ families, over 83 thousand Euros, 17,280 Krona and over 27,000 Nakfa was donated to the Martyr’s Fund.

Accordingly, Eritreans living in Germany donated over 63,000 Euros from January to September of 2009. Moreover, over 20,000 Euro has been donated by Darmstadt Cultural Association, Eritrean communities in Frankfurt, Ainfelale Youth Team, Communities in Manheim and Tubingen, Tsna’t, Bodensee, PFDJ and NUEW branches in Bielefeld city and 6 female high school students in Darmstadt.

Furthermore, NUEW members in Umea- Sweden donated 17,280 Krona and 6 Eritrean women residing in Riyadh, Saudi-Arab donated 10,400 Nakfa.

Similarly, a mother of a martyr, Ms. Rshan Abrah, residing in Asmara has donated 17,250 Nakfa.