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A man caught on CCTV trying to rape a woman in Glasgow blamed the incident on the devil, a court has heard.

Misrak Eyob, 20, was found guilty of the attack on the 35-year-old woman in the Royston area last July.

The High Court in Glasgow heard he pounced as she stood alone in the street after becoming separated from her friends on a night out.

Eyob, who told the trial “Satan created the situation”, was remanded in custody until sentencing next month.

He also faces being deported back to the African country of Eritrea.

During his trial the jury was shown graphic CCTV footage of the attack, which happened after the victim had left a nearby bar.

The incident only ended when the crying victim alerted passers-by to what had happened.

Satan claim

The woman told the trial: “I felt invaded, disgusted. You should be able to walk down the street without someone attacking you.”

Eyob claimed he had been drinking that evening and that he had only been “hugging and kissing” the woman.

His counsel Tony Graham put to him that it appeared from the video that he was doing more than that.

Speaking via an interpreter, Eyob replied: “I was persuaded. I have never engaged myself in criminal conduct.

“I believe in the bible and in Christ. I abide by the rules. I was drinking and it was Satan that created this situation.”

Eyob was an asylum seeker and had been in Scotland seven months at the time of the attack.