Asmara, 17 November 2009 – NEWS

President Isaias Afwerki returned home yesterday concluding a two-day working visit to the Sudanese Red Sea Zone at the invitation of President Omar Hassen Al-Beshir of Sudan.

President Isaias held talks on Monday in Port Sudan with President Omar Hassen Al-Beshir on Eritrean-Sudanese relations, as well as regional and international issues of mutual concern to the two countries.

Both leaders took note of the development registered in Eritrean-Sudanese brotherly and historical relations and cooperation. Assessing that the further strengthening and enhancement of the ties would benefit both peoples, they gave directives on enhancing relations and cooperation between the Eritrean Northern Red Sea region and the Sudanese Red Sea Zone.

The two leaders also noted the need for undertaking joint task towards constructing a road that links Massawa and Port Sudan taking into account its vital significance. They further reached understanding on giving due attention to the task of properly harnessing the existing tourism potentials along the Red Sea coastline for the benefit of both peoples.

Moreover, Presidents Isaias and Omar Hassen Al-Beshir conducted discussion focusing on the future situation in Sudan, the Sudanese comprehensive peaceful solution and the Darfur issue.

Meanwhile, President Isaias observed the implementation of development programs in the Sudanese Red Sea Zone, according to ERINA correspondents from Port Sudan.

On arrival in Port Sudan on November 16, President Isaias was accorded warm welcome by the people in the Sudanese Red Sea Zone and the Eritrean Community in the Zone.

Also speaking at celebrations held yesterday in the port city in which President Omar Hassen Al-Beshir and various other officials took part, President Isaias expressed appreciation to the Sudanese people in general and that of East Sudan region in particular for the support they extended to the Eritrean people in the days of the armed struggle for independence.

President Al-Beshir on his part lauded the endeavors made through Eritrea’s mediation and the personal initiative of President Isaias towards achieving a peaceful solution to the East Sudan region’s issue.

It is to be recalled that President Isaias left for Sudan in the morning hours Monday 16 November at the invitation of President Omar Hassen Al-Beshir.