Asmara, 5 December 2009

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A total of 31 general medical practitioners and 8 specialized doctors graduated today for the first time on the basis of the Medical College’s internal resources.
Speaking at the graduation ceremony held at the Expo grounds in which ministers and other government officials, as well as parents, invited guests from inside the country and abroad took part, the Minister of Health, Ms. Amna Nurhusein, pointed out that the Government is giving top priority to the task of ensuring social justice and nurturing competent manpower. The two colleges in the country that have already managed to nurture qualified health professionals and specialists are the outcome of such vigorous endeavors, she elaborated.

Noting that the country’s institutions of higher medical education have been equipped with the necessary facilities and equipments that enabled them to effectively carry out their activities, Ms. Amna expressed appreciation to the Cuban  University of Santa Clara and the American George Washington University for their collaboration.

Expressing conviction that the graduates would live up to the expectations of the people and the Government, the Minister called on them to further deepen their knowledge through research and creative works.

In a special message he conveyed in memory of the martyred fighter Minister Saleh Meki, Prof. Andemariam Gebremichael, the Assistant Dean of the Orotta School of Medicine, stated that the late Saleh Meki played a leading role in the development of the Medical School, and added that in his honor, the students are graduating at the date of his martyrdom.

Likewise, the Dean of the School, Prof. Miguel Alvarez, lauded the Eritrean government’s vigorous endeavors in establishing and developing higher medical institutions, and that the competence of the graduates has won them acclaim on the part of various professors, which in turn constitutes a pride to the people and the Government.

Prof. Miguel further expressed conviction that the Orotta School of Medicine has the capacity of nurturing as much as the total number of doctors in Eritrea in the next 3 years.
A representative of the graduates on his part outlined the special contribution made by the martyred fighter Saleh Meki towards enabling the students reach the present stage. In this respect, he stated that the late Saleh would live on in every heart of the graduates. He further asserted that they would serve the people and the Government with diligence.