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17/12/09 –

A 10-kilo tumor has been removed from the abdomen of a young mother through Eritrean surgeons. Dr. Abraham Tekle, head of the surgery team that carried out the operation and surgery expert at the Orotta Hospital here in the capital, indicated that the 4-hour long surgery was the first of its kind as the tumor was attached in a very complicated and sensitive part of the lady’s body.

The 28-year old mother from Shambuko in Gash-Barka region gave birth two months ago, and that since the tumor in her belly did not reduce, she was admitted to the delivery room again and the operation was carried out.

Dr. Abraham further explained that the surgery would not affect her future prospects of giving birth taking into account her age.It is to be recalled that a 13-kilo tumor was removed previously from a mother through a similar surgery in the same hospital.