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By Ethiomedia

COPENHAGEN – Braving frigid weather unseen for over eight years, patriotic Ethiopians drove for several hours from all over Europe and descended on Copenhagen where they denounced genocide perpetrator Meles Zenawi, a pro-democracy website reported on Sunday.

AbbayMedia said temperatures had dipped to minus 12°C when the Ethiopian activists withstood the harsh weather for several hours, appealing to Western leaders, particularly US President Barack Obama, to probe appalling human rights conditions in Ethiopia, and take appropriate measures.

Waving their native country’s tricolor, the activists song patriotic songs and called for the trial of Meles Zenawi for crimes against humanity. Zenawi, who has been in power since 1991, has committed numerous crimes – ranging from turning Ethiopia singlehandedly into a landlocked nation to genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. He has evaded Western attention by fueling conflicts in the Horn of Africa, for which he appears as a Western ally in the name of a ‘partner in the war on terror.’

The tyrant was attending the Climate Talks as chief negotiator of African countries but ended up shaming Africa and small island nations by all of a sudden becoming the unofficial chief negotiatior for the rich West.”On the ninth day of the Copenhagen climate summit, Africa was sacrificed,” award-winning journalist and activist Naomi Klein wrote. “It is hard to believe it was this man who three months ago threatened to walk out of the Climate Talks if African demands were not met.”

The betrayal of Meles Zenawi that made headlines news for the rest of the world was nothing new for Ethiopians who have for nearly 20 years appealed to the international community to help them ostracize the man they as their country’s worst enemy.

AbbayMedia said many of the patriotic Ethiopians wer from host country Denmark, UK, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, France and Italy.

The following video clip was produced by AbbayMedia editors who attended the protest rally and got back in London after 27 hours of drive: