Angola press


The Eritrean government said on Thursday that it will not be affected by the sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council.

Araya Desta, Eritrea’s ambassador to the United Nations, boycotted the accusations from the UN members that his government gives money and military support to the Islamist fighters who are fighting against the transitional Federal Government and destabilize the security of horn African region.

Mr. Desta said that Eritrea did not help any one in Somali for fighting or other reasons saying that all criticisms were baseless propaganda adding that Eritrea is not a government that wants creating insecurity situation in the Horn of Africa.

He also disproved that troops from Eritrea were involving the fighting going on in Somalia asserting that there was no a single Eritrean soldier in the Somali country.

The statement of the ambassador of the Eritrean government for the UN Araya Desta comes as the 13 member of the UN voted to impose arm embargo on Eritrea on Wednesday after accusing that it repeatedly supported the Islamist fighters in Somalia.