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The meeting covers.

  1. Brief over view of YPFDJ including the 6th conference, followed by Video information about YPFDJ

  2. Discussion

  3. How was the EPLF leadership structured during the struggle for independence (btsayenet, conflict resolutions, and discipline, etc.) Background (social and political factors taken into consideration) what lessons can we, as YPFDJ today take from that period.

  4. Leadership styles, Difference between managing and leading, Personal leadership, Delegation of tasks, Leadership and vision Leading by example, Empowering and energizing (How to inspire, empower, energize and support members) Continuity and creating/developing leadership (teams and communities)

5. Entertainment, – music and dance…..

6. The meeting will also involve youth from Sheffield, Newcastle and Birmingham.

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Historical Perspective

by – YPFDJ – uk

Eritrean youth have always played a critical and decisive role through out the Eritrean history struggle; a struggle that has taken generations. The generation of the 1940s and 1950s to 60s was a force that started the national movement for independence. The youth of 1970s and 1980s, another generation, that further demonstrated full of heroic self-sacrifice and dedication to fight for the liberation of our country. This was the generation that put right the course of Eritrean struggle, which was in a verge of defeat in the late sixties and early seventies. It was these youth under the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) who played the decisive role in defining the ideas and strategies for independent nation characterized by dedication, critical and open minded outlook, progressive ideology, and strong conviction in pragmatism and social justice.

EPLF is with few equals in the history of national liberation movements. Not only did it defeat a larger and better equipped enemy that had the support of two superpowers on its own but it also succeeded in ushering profound social, economical and political transformation in Eritrea. The EPLF succeeded in ensuring unity within diversity in Eritrea; The People’s Front succeeded in mobilizing Eritreans for their national cause irrespective of their social background; the EPLF succeeded in bringing about a successful socio-economic transformation of the society; and above all the EPLF succeeded in teaching men and women to withstand the hardships and ordeals of a long armed struggle, to train people who were determined to overcome difficulties and challenges, and above all to mobilize citizens who stood true to the national interest even if it meant sacrificing their precious life with smiles on their faces. The EPLF is an organization that made the impossible possible. It proved wrong all those who were ready to write off the Eritrean revolution as one that: “can never prevail”, and one that is “isolated and ill-fated.”

The successful conclusion of the long struggle for Eritrean independence in 1991 was the end of a very important chapter in the Eritrean history that also laid foundation for independent country. At the same time it was a beginning of a new chapter with even more difficult, long and complicated task of nation-building after a long period of massive human, infrastructure and material destruction.

The role of YPFDJ

The current Eritrean young generation is now sharing the burden of responsibility in both building prosperous Eritrea and challenging the threats to deny the Eritrean people from their endeavour to pursue complete national independence and the chance to live in peace and harmony. As our history demonstrates, the role of the youth is one of the most decisive factors in achieving our national goals; establishing a viable state, a sustainable economy and an active, independent and creative new generation through our combined action. Hence YPFDJ main goal is:

To build a strong, conscious and patriotic youth movement.

To ensure the continuity of all the values of the popular front that enabled to serve the interest of Eritrean people.

Therefore, the role of the YPFDJ is to play a leading role in organising the young Eritreans and creating a platform where young Eritreans can play significant role to contribute towards building a viable state of Eritrea. To ensure an effective organisation exists where young Eritreans can agree on a common vision

YPFDJ Main activities

YPFDJ is involved in numerous activities that benefits the national interest of Eritrea and contributes to the successful completion of national programs adopted by PFDJ to serve our nation. The following activities are some of the priorities YPFDJ groups concentrate:

  • Engages in critical and thought provoking discussions and lectures on relevant national topics with the aim of raising political and ideological awareness of the youth through forums, seminars and other methods.

  • Learning about the Eritrean values, sacrifice, our history and revive and maintain Eritrean culture.

  • Actively works with other associations, such other youth organisations, community associations, lobbying groups and others in helping to tackle the social and cultural issues of our society.

  • Aim to mobilize, organize and integrate the talent and potential of youth in Diaspora to our national capacity building.

  • Engages in the media and diplomatic works, with the aim of enhancing Eritrea’s regional and international cooperation.

  • Carries out continuous and fruitful engagement with YPFDJ groups across the world and the youth of our region with the intention of contributing in shaping our collective destiny.

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