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US Ambassador Douglas Kmiec.

A group of 15 refugees from Eritrea, Somalia, and Sudan left Malta yesterday to start a new life in the United States.

Since the US Embassy began its permanent refugee resettlement programme in May 2008, more than 375 refugees have been resettled.

Commenting on the group’s departure, US Ambassador Douglas Kmiec said:

“America is a land of opportunity whose identity has been forged by generations of immigrants, and I am certain that each refugee will find a bright future there as they become a part of our unique and diverse society.

“Nothing has made me more proud as Ambassador to Malta then to help those refugees most in need, while also assisting the people of Malta to handle the challenges posed by migration in a compassionate and humanitarian way.”

Once they arrive in the US, each refugee will be assigned a sponsor agency that provides initial services such as housing, food, and clothing, as well as referral to medical care, employment services, and other support during a transition period lasting up to two years to ensure integration and assimilation.