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The Eritrean government has circulated a letter to African heads of state accusing Ethiopia of blocking its right to participate in African Union summits and meetings.

According to a letter by Eritrean, for the last 10 years Eritrea has been denied its right to participate in African Union summits and other meetings in Addis Ababa by Ethiopian refusal to extend proper diplomatic and security guarantee.

Ethiopia continues to obstruct Eritrea’s right to participate in AU Summits and other AU meetings in Addis Ababa by its refusal to observe the basic diplomatic provisions spelled out in the HQ Agreement and that are extended to all Member States,” the Eritrean government said.

Eritrea expressed its concern and asked issues related with Eritrea should not be discussed in the absence of Eritrea in Addis Ababa.

Imposed sanctions

Eritrea calls comes after an AU ministerial level meeting in Addis Ababa once again voiced support to UN imposed sanction and condemned Asmara to its negative roles in regional stability.

Eritrea also called on the African Union to stop holding its summits and other meetings in Addis Ababa.

African Union chief Jean Ping said Eritrea’s complaint was distributed to all member states and he assured Eritrea could participate in the AU activities and he informed that Ethiopian government assured AU to deliver all necessary security and diplomatic needs. Mr Ping said he told Ethiopian authorities Eritrea was free to establish a mission to AU headquarters in Addis Ababa.

Mr Jean Ping urged Eritrean administration to resume its attendance and mission at AU.

Eritrea and Ethiopia fought a bloody war between1998-2000 which killed 70,000 people.