February 3, 2010 (ADDIS ABABA)

Sudan Tribune

African leaders have collectively condemned Eritrea for its “unfolding destabilizing nature” in the East African region.

The leaders in the final day of their AU summit, on Tuesday said that the Eritrean government is still busy of its negative roles in destabilizing regional peace and security.

The governments of Djibouti and Somalia yesterday told AU summit that, despite the imposed sanction on Eritrea, the Red Sea nation, in defiance to the UN resolution, has continued to sending insurgents via their territories.

The two countries urged AU and the international community to establish strong organization to the enforcement of the sanctions to block the defiant acts of the Eritrean government.

On Saturday, one day before the AU summit kicked off, the Eritrean government urged the African Union that, country’s related agenda’s shouldn’t be discussed in the Addis Ababa’s gathering – calling on the union to respect its AU membership.

Asmara rather requested that own agenda’s must be deferred to next summit that is routinely held in a different country.

“should Ethiopia refuse to agree, Eritrea calls on the AU to stop holding further summits in Addis Ababa” Eritrean government statement said.

The statement accused rival Ethiopia of obstructing Eritrea’s rights to take part at AU summits and other AU meetings that held in Addis Ababa.

Last December, the UN Security Council imposed an arms embargo on Eritrea for illegally supplying arms to the suspected Al-Qaeda linked Islamist insurgents, who are battling the internationally recognized transitional government of Somalia.

The UN resolution demands that Eritrea stops training, arming and supporting armed groups of Somalia.

The sanction has also laid travel ban and an asset freeze to Eritrean military and government officials