Masswa, 10 February 2010

Shabait NEWS

Preparations to colorfully commemorate the 20th anniversary of the historic Operation Fenkil culminating in the liberation of the port city of Massawa have been finalized, according to Mr. Sebhatu Goitom, Chairman of the community activities coordinating committee.

He explained that different programs would be featured, including students’ show, marine carnival, community tents, Warsa Program in Salina, seminars and military parade. Mr. Sebhatu commended the dedication of students and the general public in organizing the programs.

The Secretary of the committee, Mr. Yohannes Gebreyesus, said on his part that the historic Operation Fenkil fully attests to heroic feats demonstrated by freedom fighters, and as such constitutes a  legacy which generations would cherish and feel great pride. Indicating that arts exhibition depicting the historic Operation Salina of 1977 is one of the programs scheduled be staged in the course of the commemorative event, he called on the people to attentively observe it along with their children.

Reports indicated that the temperature in Massawa has dropped to about 20 degree Centigrade as a result of the showering rains, and that the port city is becoming quite magnificent for strolling during the day and night hours.

Meanwhile, more than 500 sportsmen and artists from the Ministry of Defense would participate in the commemorative event, according to Brig. General Teklemichael Habtu, head of the information and agitation center in the Ministry.

He stated that over 20 new paintings would remain open to the public, while the Walta, Egri-Mekel, Tsaeda-Kelai, Nisri and Benifer cultural troupe respectively would stage musical performances in different parts of the port city.

Soccer match is also scheduled to take place among various teams of the Defense Ministry for the Fenkil Trophy, whereas a marathon running race would be conducted in which 36 athletes would participate.

Moreover, Brig. General Teklemichael pointed out that a 2,200-meter long swimming race and beach volleyball match which is the first of its kind would take place.