Addis Ababa,

Ethiopian News Agency

February 9, 2010 (Addis Ababa)

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi here on Tuesday discussed with US Africa command commander General William Ward .

Meles on the occasion expressed gratitude to the US government for its support in hard time of the Ethiopian airlines crash in Beirut. The premier said it is really expected from a friend indeed.

Meles briefed the commander about the situation in Sudan and Somalia.

The TFG of Somalia is trying its level best to ensure peace and security in the country, he said, adding, supporting the TFG is the only option to ensure sustainable peace and stability in the county.

The two officials discussed on continental and regional peace and security issues.

They also exchange viewes especially on the role of US in the effort to ensure peace and stability in Sudan.

General Ward on his part expressed sorrow over the tragic accident of the Ethiopian airlines.

He told journalists that the US government would continue searching to find victims of the fatal accident.

The commander said he held constructive discussion with the premier on peace and security issues in the horn of Africa

General Ward said he got valuable ideas from the premier regarding ensuring peace and security in the region.

He expressed the commitment of the command to work closely with the Ethiopian government to address the peace and security issues in the region.