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Somali ambassador to Kenya , Mohamed Ali Nur

Somalia has criticised Eritrea over the move by the United Nations Security Council to impose sanctions on the country.

Somalia’s ambassador Mohamed Ali Nur was reacting to claims by Eritrea’s ambassador to Kenya, Mr Salih Omar Abdu that members of the Security Council were coerced by the US into adopting a resolution which imposed an arms embargo and travel ban against Eritrea for aiding Somali militants.

The travel ban was imposed after Eritrea was accused of providing political, financial and logistical support to armed groups engaged in undermining peace and reconciliation in Somalia.

Speaking at the Somali Embassy in Nairobi, Mr Nur accused the Eritrean diplomat of lying to the world about their role in the Somali conflict.
Forced the passage

“No country forced the passage of Resolution 107. Indeed, 13 of 15 members of the UN Security council voted in favour

Eritrea Ambassador Salih Omar Abdu

of the resolution, and one member abstained.

“This was not a unilateral effort and the UN’s adoption of the resolution was based on careful and extensive research.”

Mr Abdu had said that his country would reject the resolution which handed his country the sanctions, arguing that it was conceived and feverishly executed by the US.

Mr Abdu had said: “It must be stressed that the accusations against Eritrea for its involvement in Somalia has never been substantiated or verified and many member states had initially objected to the draft resolution but later acquiesced due to US pressure.” He added that Eritrea did not even share a border with Somalia and as such could not support Somali militants.

But yesterday, the Somali diplomat said: “We have proved to the African Union and the UN that they (Eritrea) have sent soldiers to distabilise Somalia and have been giving support to al-Shabaab fighters.”