Massawa, 12 February 2010 – – NEWS

Commemorative events marking the 20th anniversary of Operation Fenkil began today in a colorful manner under the theme: “Bequeathment for Full Emancipation.”The Secretary of the PFDJ, Mr. Al-Amin Mohammed Seid, opened the commemorative programs in which Ministers, senior Government and Front officials, invited guests and a number of people took part.

In briefings given on the historic Operation Salina of 1977, Col. Sebhatu Goitom, who was engaged in the operation, narrated the heroic exploits demonstrated by the freedom fighters in the decisive offensive. He stressed the need for bequeathing such a legacy for future generations.

General knowledge contest was also conducted among students of the College of Science and Marine Technology to add color to the commemorative event, while poetry recitals, songs and musical drams were staged highlighting the significance of the historic Operation Fenkil.

Meanwhile, a new film titled “Midre-Mayawyan Anabs” produced in connection with the 20th anniversary of the operation was presented to the public.

The film based on true story narrates the heroic feats demonstrated by Naval Force members of the EPLF and the challenges met in the course of Operation Fenkil. The movie won broad acclaim on the part of viewers, according to reports.

In the course of the commemorative events scheduled to take place from February 12 to 14, various programs would be featured, including cultural shows, arts exhibition, sub-zonal sites, sports activities, cultural programs and marine carnival, as well as shows highlighting the activities being carried out by Defense Force members, national construction companies, ministries’ branch offices and others.

The official ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of Operation Fenkil would be conducted on 13 February in the afternoon hours, according to the coordinating committee.