Ladies and Gentlemen

Excellency Mohammed Tahir Ela, Administrator of Sudanese Red Sea Zone

First, I would like to congratulate the Eritrean people inside the country and abroad on this auspicious occasion. My appreciation also goes to all those who made due contribution in organizing such a glorious event. I would particularly like to express my appreciation to Brother Mohammed Tahir Ela and members of his delegation for being in our midst in the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Operation Fenkil.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Operation Fenkil marked a heroic feat that paved the way for the country’s total liberation 20 years ago, besides dealing final blow to 50  years of colonization through proxy. And as such, it occupies special place in the history of the Eritrean people’s struggle for independence. It was a period that marked the end of the Cold War at the global level and one in which a number of changes were witnessed and ample opportunities created in the region. Moreover, it was a period in which especially the people of Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia came out of a dark era and managed to lay the ground for fostering friendship, and thus undertake wide-ranging development cooperation endeavors, in addition to opening a new chapter  of peace and mutual respect for the benefit of future generations.

Although the achievement we have registered in rebuilding a war-devastated nation over the past 20 years does not measure up to our aspirations, it should, nonetheless, not be viewed lightly. Taking into account the uninterrupted acts of hostility weaved against us over two decades, the resolute determination the Eritrean people waged in rebuffing such acts fully attests to their resilience and potentialities.

Ladies and Gentlemen

At this juncture, it is quite in order to ponder as to the stage of development we would have reached had there existed no acts of hostility and impediments over the past 20 years.  By the same token, what level of development would the region as a whole have attained had the people of Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia been spared of obstruction and adventurous interference on the part of special interest groups in Washington, and thereby work jointly for peace and prosperity?  This is not mere aspiration and wishful thinking, but rather a historical option and blessing. On our part, no matter the extent of challenges and acts of hostility encountered, we coped with all such hostile ploys. After all, it is natural to mount resolute rebuff under the circumstances.

The sanctions resolution adopted in the name of the Security Council against Eritrea that was masterminded by Washington and its servants through concocting hips of lies and slander is but a manifestation of series of hostilities and bankruptcy of its authors.   This act of conspiracy does not only target Eritrea but also constitutes an act of gambling aimed at exercising monopoly and domination through fomenting persistent crisis in the region either directly or via servant entities.

In the face of such challenges, the Eritrean people at home and abroad continue to further enhance their awareness and readiness to deal resolute rebuff to enemy conspiracy. Parallel with this, it is natural to witness the strengthening of resolute rebuff involving the  people of the region  against the current hostile ploys.

On this auspicious occasion, I would also like to reaffirm that in line with the historical and strategic ties with the Sudanese people, Eritrea would enhance cooperation with the Sudanese Red Sea Zone and Kassala, especially in the domains of trade, tourism, transport, marine resources and others areas of investment and development ventures.

Long Live Operation Fenkil Commemoration!
Glory to Our Martyrs!
Victory to the Masses!

President lays wreath in honor of heroes martyred in

the liberation of Massawa

Massawa, 13 February 2010 – In connection with the 20th anniversary of Operation Fenkil, wreath laying ceremony was conducted in the morning hours today at the Martyrs’ Cemetery in Massawa in honor of the heroic freedom fighters who sacrificed their precious lives during the historic war to liberate the port city.

President Isaias Afwerki laid wreath at the Cemetery followed by the PFDJ Secretary, Mr. Al-Amin Mohammed Seid, the Minister of Defense, Gen. Sebhat Ephrem, the Chairperson of the NUEW, Ms. Leul Gebreab, the Administrator of the Northern Red Sea region, Ms. Tsegereda Woldegiorgis, the Administrator of the Sudanese Red Sea Zone, Dr. Mohammed Tahir Ela, and the Administrator of Massawa city, Ms. Fana Tesfamariam, respectively.

Present on the occasion were Ministers, Regional Administrators, senior government and PFDJ officials, a number of Eritrean nationals from inside the country and abroad, as well as invited guests from the Sudanese Red Sea Zone and foreign journalists.