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Asmara, 20 February 2010 – President Isaias Afwerki today received credentials of 15 Ambassadors and a UN Country Representative.
The Ambassadors are from Russia, China, France, Zambia, Finland, Kuwait, Cuba, Lebanon, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Spain, the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, Slovenia and Algeria, as well as the UN Country Representative to Eritrea.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony at the Denden Hall, President Isaias expressed Eritrea’s readiness to foster relations with any country based on mutual respect and interest. He also wished the Ambassadors success in discharging their duties.

Stating that they would work diligently towards enhancing their respective countries relations with Eritrea, the Ambassadors wished peace and prosperity to the Eritrean people.

During discussion with the Russian Ambassador, President Isaias said that the strengthening of the existing relations between Eritrea and Russia serve the interest of both countries. He further stated that Russia’s stand as regards the US-engineered sanctions resolution is wrong both legally and politically.

Ambassador Igor Nikolavic, said on his part he would convey the President’s message to the Russian government, and that his country is ready to enhance relations with Eritrea.

Also in talks with the French Ambassador, the President pointed out that the French government’s stance regarding the unjust US sanctions resolution is not only wrong but also illogical.

Ambassador Roger on his part stated that the briefings given by President Isaias enabled him to deepen his limited knowledge about the Horn region, and that he would strive to develop bilateral relations.

Likewise, during discussion with the PRC Ambassador, President Isaias noted that Eritrea’s relations with China is strategic, and that it is Eritrea’s desire to enhance cooperation of partnership with China. Moreover, he pointed out that Eritrea is surprised with China’s stance as regards the vicious US sanctions resolution against Eritrea. Despite that, however, relations between the two countries would not be affected, the President added.

The PRC Ambassador on his part said that he would strive to strengthen the long-standing Eritrean-Chinese ties. The Ambassador further expressed conviction that Eritrea under the leadership of President Isaias would meet all challenges.

Also in talks with Kuwaiti Ambassador, the President recalled Eritrea’s ties with Kuwait since the days of the liberation struggle, and that further enhancing such relations is to the benefit of the two peoples.

Similarly, during discussion with the Cuban Ambassador, President Isaias commended the cooperation of partnership in the domains of education, health, agriculture and others, in line with the existing strategic relations between Eritrea and Cuba.

Meanwhile, it was disclosed that the 5th Joint Eritrean-Cuban Ministerial Meeting would take place in Asmara in the near future.