11 mar – 2010 – Reuters

Eritrea has accused the United States of trying to destabilise the Horn of Africa nation and halt its economic growth, local media reported.

Relations between the government and Washington remain antagonistic. The US Embassy suspended its consular services in February and the ambassador has not been formally recognised by Asmara despite being in the country for more than two years.

Asmara accuses the United States of masterminding the sanctions resolution imposed on Eritrea last December by the United Nations Security Council, which says Eritrea is supporting an insurgency in war-ravaged Somalia.

Asmara denies involvement in the violence and demands substantial proof be produced. Last month, pro-Eritrea protests were held in various world capitals against the resolution.

“A concerted resistance on part of the Eritrean people has once again demonstrated the futility of past, present and future American agenda,” the Eritrea Profile said in an editorial.

“(The United States) attempts to create chaos and division on top of incapacitating Eritrean economy and political strength,” the state-run, twice-weekly Profile said.

The violence in Somalia has killed at least 21,000 people since the beginning of 2007.

Asmara permits no independent Eritrean media. The Eritrea Profile is running a sustained campaign blaming Washington for the sanctions. The Profile has not run a word this year that questions a government policy or decision.

Reporters Without Borders says Eritrea has been the worst violator of press freedoms in the world since 2007, ranking it below North Korea for three years in a row.