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Adal Voice Eritreans, since 2004, has been presenting to Eritrean Diasporas Great Britain and throughout the world wide web to Eritrean Diasporas across the world, programmings that include current affairs, Educational and Health, Culture, Sport, Children s program and Viewers Opinion. Also, it presents weekly based national and international news as well as multi-cultural programs and music shows, crime prevention and Women and Young people programs etc…

In brief, 95% of our programing focuses on social life issues as they face Eritrean Diasporas in the west. In regards to our news programing, Adal Voice of Eritrea does not, however, produce its own reports but presents media reports, with sources clearly identified, from major international media outlets as BBC, Reuters, AFP etc…In addition, we also present news items of events held by Eritreans locally and internationally that we come across.

In all of our programmings, including interviews, panel discussions and others we ensure that balanced and responsible presenting is followed in line with the station broadcasting policy and the UK Law and Broadcasting regulations.

Adal Voice of Eritrea is not affiliated to any political, governmental, religious or business organizations as such non of our programmings is intended to carry any particular favor with respect to those entities. This information is posted on our website and clearly stated in our radio programs. We believe that our continued success with our website ( visitors number, averaging from 10.000-20.000 monthly from around the world(web site statistics available), is the result of our endeavors to present a balanced and responsible programmings. Likewise, the number of our radio program listeners also continues to raise locally and internationally.

Based on the above mentioned facts, in the last five years, our competent and professional presenting of programs have been highly praised by our readers and listeners (see comments section

Any one interested, as can be verified through our archived programmings, both through the website and the radio programs, that in fact to the contrary, Adal Voice of Eritreans has been covering main news events, as reported by various major media outlets, as regards to the plight of Eritrean refugees.

Finally, we would like to emphasis that Adal Voice of Eritrea is proud of the fact that we can air our views and opinions without fear of persecution or intimidation . We treasure this right bestowed upon us and do our utmost to make responsible use of it in helping Eritrean Diasporas become active, responsible and tolerant citizens .

we also like to make it known that as a matter of internal policy, Adal Voice of Eritrea does not broadcast any notices, propaganda materials and press releases from any government or organizations affiliated to it, and any other political, government, religious or business organizations of all interests.

In the event of any short comings in our provisions, we always are open to all kinds of constructive comments to make our programs useful, relevant and law abiding at all times. We do not appreciate, however, intimidation, coercion and blackmail as working principles.

Adalvoise Website information resource. Cognizant of the fact that from time to time mistakes or errors may becontained in our web and Redio We would like to apologize in advance and encourage you to point it out to the webmaster at We assure you prompt reply and follow up of your feed back.

Adal voice of Eritreans

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