Asmara, 14 April 2010 –

President Isaias Afwerki today received and held talks with 5 members of the German Parliament and representatives of the Hamer Forum Doctors Association.

In the meeting, the President gave detailed briefings on bilateral relations, as well as Eritrea’s relations with neighboring countries. He underlined that the silence of the international community as regards the implementation of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission’s final and binding ruling is quite distressing.

Indicating that Eritrea is playing modest role towards promoting peace and stability in the Horn of Africa, President Isaias pointed out that its support to Sudan-Sudan solution towards ensuring comprehensive political solution in the Sudan emanates from this stance. In this respect, he emphasized that external interference and acts of adventurism through proxy are the factors destabilizing the region.

As regards the Somali issue, the President explained that be it the international community, the US or other force cannot handle the issue of the Somalis, but rather extend support to them so as to resolve their issue themselves. In this connection, he expressed the Eritrean government’s conviction that external intervention would only further complicate the situation, rather than bring about a lasting solution.

President Isaias explained to the delegation that Eritrea has no problem to hold discussion with any party on the basis of positive and constructive engagement.

Members of the German Parliament said that they were able to obtain extensive and clear briefings from the President that enabled them to acquire comprehensive understanding. They further asserted that the existing relations in the health sector would be enhanced.