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Reports are now saying that hundreds of vulnerable children are being deported, alone, from Britain. They are being deported with no precautions to safeguard them against things like abuse or trafficking. The UK Border Agency has been accused of showing a systematic disregard for kids after putting them on planes out of the country with no checks on their safety or welfare.

Apparently a total of 334 unaccompanied children, who claimed asylum in Britain since 2004, have been deported, according to Home Office figures. Just last year, 36 unaccompanied children were put on planes out of the UK. This is an increase of 44 percent when compared to 2008.

These kids, which are often seized in raids, are often left homeless after being expelled from Britain. Most of them are removed under an agreement reached in 2003 to return asylum seekers to their first European point only if their safety and well being in the first country is assured beforehand.

Despite this rule, there is mounting evidence that even the most basic checks are not even taking place. Next month, the High Court will actually be examining the cases of two kids deported form the UK to determine whether officials have been acting unlawfully.

Apparently in one case, child “T,” a 16 year old Eritrean girl who came to Britain via Italy was seized in a raid and returned to Italy without notice. In Italy the girl had been raped and forced to work as a prostitute. No steps were taken to ensure that she would be supported on arrival. Italian officials, unaware of the girl’s situation, offered no help at all. She was left on the streets where reports claim that a male stranger took her in.