Asmara, 17 April 2010 – Pilgrims headed by His Holiness Abune Dioskoros, 4th Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church, which also included members of the Holy Synod, arch-bishops and the faithful returned home on April 15 from Jerusalem.

The EOC Patriarchate indicated that the various prayers and religious presentations, including benediction accompanied by His Holiness Abune Dioskoros had a special impact.

The pilgrims who visited Jerusalem in group for the first time conducted a tour of various religious sites during their stay.

Previously, Eritrean pilgrims used to travel to Jerusalem on their own. This year, however, a total of 165 members of the faithful headed by His Holiness the EOC Patriarch visited Jerusalem in a group for the first time. They were jointed by more than 200 Eritrean nationals from Europe and the USA