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As a member country of the United Nations, Eritrea has participated in the Universal Periodic Review of the working group in Geneva on March 17 2010. The review of Eritrea was held on November 30, 2009 with all the relevant provisions contained in Council resolution 5/1.

The review was conducted based on the national report submitted by Eritrea in accordance with the annex to Council resolution 5/1 (a) (AHRC/WG.6/6ERI/1). The outcome of the review was considered and adopted on March 17, 2010 at the 28 meeting of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations.

During the review, the Eritrean Delegation led by Dr. Ghirmai Abraham, Economic advisor at the Ministry of National Development, stated that has submitted its reports and responses to all the recommendations by the council members on time.

During the sixth session of the UPR that was held on November 30, 2009, the Working Group on the UPR made 137 recommendations to Eritrea . The Eritrean delegation has grouped the recommendations into 28 clusters. Eritrea accepted close to 50% of the recommendations while rejecting around 15% of them. According to the report submitted to the Human Rights council, 40% of the 137 recommendations were not labelled accepted or rejected.

Accession to the convention against torture, the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and the convention on the protection of the rights of all migrant workers and members of their families are some of the recommendations accepted by Eritrea .

The Eritrean delegation indicated that Eritrea accepted the principle of establishing a national institution to promote and protect human rights. Also, the delegation stated that Article 32, sub article 11 of the Eritrean constitution provided the National Assembly to establish a standing committee in order to protect the rights of citizens. MORE……..

Reports indicate that the Human Rights Council of the United Nations was established in 2006 by the General Assembly. The mandate of the Human Rights Council is to review all Member States’ obligations and commitments to human rights in a manner which ensures the universality of coverage and equal treatment of all states.

The Resident Coordinator’s Office and the UNCT has been involved in different phases of the UPR process by providing relevant information and support to the Government of the State of Eritrea.