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Our decision to go to war against Eritrea was a

big mistake” Senior TPLF official- in private

By Tamiru Geda

NewsDire Ethiopia’s decision to go to war against Eretria was said a big mistake. The war costs the lives of Ten Thousands Ethiopians and Eritrean. It was even said preventable conflict. Ato Sebhat Nega, one of the founding members and senior official of TPLF pointes his fingers at his former comrades in arms including Ato Seye Aberha the latter was former Minster of Defense. However, Seye denies all the accusation against him self his other friends.

Ato W/Selassie Nega( Commonly known as Aboye Sebhat ) recently told one local radio talk show that he personally regrets for the decision aimed “in favor” of to go to the Ethio-Eritrea war where his former colleagues influenced it. Aboye Sebhat says:” Hadn’t been the powerfulness of Ato Twelde Ato seye and the like the war could have been prevented. I could imagine that using some Technical arrangements between Ethiopia and Eritrea might have been the best solution to stop the war. Because of the back ward and narrow minded views of the splinters ( former TPLF members, who walked away from their party ) we were forced to engage in to war against Eritrea.

We know that EPLF/Shabia( the ruling party in Eritrea) is an aggressor and that fired the first bullet against us but we didn’t make any significant effort to stop the war. Noting would happen if we let EPLF to stay in Zalambessa (Ethio-Eritrea border )for twenty years, let alone allowing them(EPLF) to capture it for two or three years. Unfortunately, we went to war because the majority in our party voted in support of the war. This not EPRDF’s position instead it is my view.

In his Exclusive interview Aboye Sebaht one of TPLF officials who offered Olive Tree’s branches for Eritreans’ secession didn’t mention what the proposed “Technical Arrangement” meant weather it favors Ethiopia’s interest or not . He further noted that there was a question of living with Eritreans together raised by some TPLF fighters after the fall of their common enemy, the Dergu regime.” Once on our conference, our comrade, G/mesikle, raised this issue. We told him that Referendum is belong to Eritreans it shouldn’t be neither in our interest nor EPLF’s wish. From the beginning We know that EPLF is not a Democra.” Sebhat said. The Ethio-Eritrea border issue yet not solved. Ten thousands army from both sides still stationed around their common border.

On his part, Ato Seye Aberha, executive member of the newly formed Medrik denies all accusation claimed by Aboye Sebehat . He accuses EPRDF foreign policy On his recent debate on the upcoming May 2010 election campaign Seye said that EPRDF’s cheats the Ethiopian public by providing false information that prolongs only EPRDF’s life.” EPRDF undermines Ethiopian national interest. Following the Ethio-Eritrea boarder war we were told that Ethiopia regained Bademe decides by The Hague Border Commission. EPRDF told us as if we gained additional lands in Toserrna (South West Eritrea)that never under our administration before. EPRDF hides the truth Bademe and Adi regane already given to Eritrea.

Any country has its own Geographical boundaries How ever, EPRDF tell us that the hills and the mountains are not essential part of a sovereignty of a nation. In EPRDF’s foreign policy documents there is no single word that states about the sovereignty, Border and Unity of Ethiopia .We shouldn’t be surprised when our fertile lands in Humerra and Metema are sold out in secret. It is the result of EPRF that doesn’t believe in those mountains and valleys as part of our sovereignty. In EPRDF’s context Sovereignty means the survival of its own power ”seye addressed to the Public .

Ato Gebru Aserat, former Head of Tigray Regional State(now member of Medrek ) also shares Seye’s view and Criticizes Ato Meles Zenawi and the party.” Meles and his party EPRDF spend their time and resources on defamations and threaten against our party .We are not interested to waste our time concentrating on counter attacks .Our focus on how to show we are the answer for Ethiopians. We proved that in our recent meeting in Tigray where thousands supporters shown us their passion in public” Gebru commented.

Newsdire, April 2010