EIJING, May 26 — The youngest country on the African Continent is celebrating its National Pavilion Day on Tuesday. The State of Eritrea was established in 1993. It is famous for its one-hump camel, straw art, and bright ethnic costumes.

To get the party started, festivities began with a performance by the country’s National Song and Dance Troupe.

On stage at the African Joint Pavilion, the Sibolite Troupe is delivering a sizzling performance that represents the nine ethnic groups in the country. But this is not the group’s first appearance at a World Expo. The troupe performed at the 2000 Hanover Expo and the Aichi Expo in 2005.

Located inside the African Joint Pavilion, the Eritrea section displays the wonderful life people share in the Greater Asmara Area, especially regarding the balance between humanity and nature.