Asmara, 6 June 2010 – The branch office of the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare in the Central region disclosed that about 5 million Nakfa which was donated by benevolent Eritrean nationals inside the country and abroad is being paid to the concerned families of fallen heroes.

Reports indicated that the financial assistance is in line with the initiatives taken by Eritrean citizens residing abroad to support martyrs’ families for two years, in addition to the Government’s regular payment in benefit scheme.

Accordingly, over 3.2 million Nakfa has so far been paid to the respective families of martyrs, including over 1.4 million Nakfa to 203 families of fallen heroes in Asmara, over 435,000 Nakfa to 80 families in Berik sub-zone, over 338, 000 Nakfa to 59 families in Serejeka sub-zone, and over 943,000 Nakfa to about 155 families in Gala-Nefih