By Nour Abuzant

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An African housemaid has been convicted of stealing items from her employer’s house and awarded a year’s imprisonment and subsequent deportation.

The Eritrean woman was “unlucky” to be caught when she opened her luggage in front of her sponsor after her flight was delayed. She was scheduled to leave Qatar for good in August 2009.

As she opened the luggage, she picked up in a hurry a sachet containing ornaments in front of the sponsor, who became suspicious of her behaviour.

The sponsor searched the bag and found items that his wife had earlier reported missing, including clothes, a camera and money.

The housemaid told the interrogators that she got the items from the sponsor’s wife.

The judge said that the sponsor had the right to search the bag of the maid in case of suspicion.

The maid, 29, has to leave the country after serving the punishment.

Cop convictedof using force to get confession

A policeman has been convicted of torturing and using force to “squeeze a confession” from five workers in a computer theft case.

The Doha court of first instance sentenced him to a year imprisonment but the upper court suspended the penalty.

According to court papers, the incident took place on February 5, 2007 when the accused and another cop raided the camp and captured the five workers while they were asleep.

The five plaintiffs complained that the policeman hit them with his belt and led them to the station.

The workers were injured in different parts of their bodies and their claims were supported by a medical report.

The judges heard that the five plaintiffs did not confess but the court said that was irrelevant “as the suspect’s intention was to force them to confess a crime they did not commit”.

The court adopted the version of the five plaintiffs.

The suspect, 33, told the interrogators that he was defending himself as the men gathered around him. The court dismissed the defendant’s claim as “baseless”.

Explaining the suspension of the imprisonment penalty, the upper court said they believed the convict would not repeat the same crime and they also observed that the plaintiffs had given up their claims.

Maid sentenced to 100 lashes for sex offence

An Indonesian housemaid has been sentenced to 100 lashes following her conviction of maintaining illicit relations with her sponsor’s friend who had left the country for good before the matter came to the fore.

The 41-year-old Egyptian lover, who was tried in absentia, was sentenced to a year imprisonment and a technical subsequent deportation.

A Doha court of first instance heard that the affair came to the light when the maid was admitted to the hospital for a health problem and was found to be five months pregnant in September 2009.

The maid told the police that she had allowed a friend of her sponsor access to the house “once” in May 2009.

According to court documents, the woman (24) confessed to illicit relations in the court as well.

The court ruled that the woman should be lashed and deported only after delivering the baby and the end of the breast-feeding period.

Expat duo convicted of assaulting

A Tunisian woman and an Indian man have been convicted of assaulting each other following a dispute over vacating the house where the woman stayed turned violent.

The Doha court of first instance sentenced them to a suspended month’s imprisonment and directed them to the civil court in case they had claims of compensations against each other.

The court heard that the Indian man (37) had “sublet” the house to the Tunisian woman (25) without a contract.

The man claimed that the neighbours complained that his tenant “used to allow men access to the house late in the night.”

He said that he asked her to vacate the house immediately but she turned down his request and assaulted him physically and he defended himself in front of the neighbours who tried to separate them.