RIYADH – Saudi police have arrested 125 people for drug trafficking, 76 of them nationals, and seized large quantities of hashish and pills, the Interior Ministry announced Sunday.
The ministry said in a statement carried by Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that the arrests were made between March 15 and May 15.
Police seized 6,500 kilograms (14,300 pounds) of hashish, 2.4 kilograms (5.3 pounds) of heroin and as many as 6.7 million pills known as Captagon, the statement said. Those arrested also included 16 Yemenis, nine Pakistanis, four Syrians, four Iraqis, three Sudanese, three Egyptians, three Turks, two Omanis, a Kuwaiti, a Somali, an Eritrean, an Ethiopian and a Bengali national.
The ministry lauded the efforts of Customs officers in foiling a number of smuggling attempts. – Agencies