Eritreans in Scotland prepare for 20 June 2010, Martyr’s Day…. NEWS

They flew the flag and marched across the hillside to prepare to celebrate their country’s history.

Families from the Eritrean community in Scotland visited Campsie Glen, near Lennoxtown, to prepare the groundwork for a special day. Tree saplings were planted in memory of more than 65,000 people who sacrificed their lives in the 30-year Eritrean independence struggle.

The families will return on June 20 when the community will commemorate Eritrean Martyr’s Day at the glen.

The initiative is part of a drive by Forestry Commission Scotland to encourage people from diverse backgrounds to use woodlands more often to mobilise their communities and boost health and wellbeing.

Romena Huq, Forestry Commission Scotland’s engagement officer for central Scotland said: “Not only is this connection with nature important for the youngster’s future, it helps to break down social or cultural barriers.”

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