Asmara, Participants expressed their admiration of the cultural shows being performed at the 2011 festival, cultural village of all the six regions of Eritrea reflecting the living style, history, heroic deeds as well as the cultural and traditional values of Eritrea.

The artistic shows presented at the cultural village included original old traditions, which secures the conservations of Eritrea’s traditional values and their continuity by bequeathing them to the young generation.

Coordinator of the southern Red Sea region cultural village at the festival, Mr. Ahmed Kasim Gider underlined the importance of the national festival in general and the customary games prepared inside in particular and that his region has brought 23 different songs including artistic traditions to the festival.

Mr. Abdu Hadj, representing the Gash Barka region on his part said that the region has brought different songs and dances in five languages of the region and highlighted the traditional dances and songs represent the cultural identity of the region.

Various visitors of the festival also express their satisfaction on the different fading traditional dressing and hair styles and lauded the concerted efforts exerted by concerned bodies to preserve the rich cultural values and cultural identity.