After the game was introduced by Italian colonialists in 1930, football in Eritrea enjoyed its heyday during the 1970s, when around 155 teams took part in the national championship, which comprised three divisions and a youth competition. Eritrea has always had talented footballers and it is little wonder that in 1962, with the nation under Ethiopian control, 90% of the players in the Ethiopian squad that won the 3rd African Cup of Nations were of Eritrean origin. Following its independence in 1991, Eritrea immediately joined the regional and continental confederations.
Each Eritrean national is obliged to carry out military service until the age April 2002, the Eritrean military team won the football competition at the African Military Games in Nairobi (Kenya) and went on to represent Africa in the Military World Games in September 2003.
Between 1994 and 2000, ten youth teams (boys’ and girls’ teams at U-11 and U-16 level) took part in the World Youth Games in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Austria, winning a total of 24 trophies.
The game of football is one of the most popular national sports of Eritrea. The football clubs in Eritreaoffer training to the aspiring footballers and to people for those football is a passion. In Eritrea, in the year 1930 football was introduced. An Eritrean National Football Federation has been set up in the country to regulate the sports activity in Eritrea.
The football clubs in Eritrea take part in leagues and championships. The most important football tournament in Eritrea is the Eritrean Premier League. Getting a scope to play in this football competition is a great honor for the Eritrean footballers. The clubs inspire the youths of Eritrea to take the game not only as a passion but profession. They bring out the hidden talent in the aspiring sports persons. Eritrea possesses quite a number of talented players.
It should be noted that when Third African Cup of Nations was won, maximum number of players happened to be of Eritrea. There are many football teams for youths in Eritrea. There are separate teams of boys and girls, who take part in the youth football competitions.

Eritrea Football Clubs

  • Medlaw Megbi
  • Adulis Club
  • Edaga Hamus
  • Al-Tahrir
  • Denden
  • Tesfa FC
  • Red Sea FC
  • Asmara Brewery