Asmara, 18 August 2011 – President Isaias Afwerki today conducted a seminar in Kampala for Eritrean business community members, communities and youths residing in Uganda, Kenya and the Republic of South Sudan on the objective situation and business, as well as investment opportunities.
The President underlined that Eritrean nationals wherever they live hold supreme the interest of the nation and their dignity. He further pointed out that the Eritrean government is as ever giving due attention to the task of ensuring
investment guarantee and related issues for Eritrean citizens living abroad.
Noting that every Eritrean nationalist is the Ambassador of his country, President Isaias reminded the nationals to work for long-term objectives be it in trade activities and other ventures.
He further underlined that the Eritrean government closely follows up current developments at the regional and international level, besides handling them accordingly. The President also called on all nationals to give a deaf ear to cheap propaganda ploys, and thus strive for the realization of the country’s long-term vision.
Moreover, he explained that the Government is engaged in vigorous endeavors to map out investment and trade guidelines that would equally benefit all citizens taking into account the objective situation in the country.
The President also gave replies to questions from participants of the seminar. The participants expressed appreciation to the extensive briefings, and presented souvenirs to President Isaias.