Shigei Gebremedhin

Shigei Gebremedhin is an American-born power woman of Eritrean descent attracted to adrenaline-pumping and physically challenging sports.
Whether it’s running the marathon, jumping out of an aircraft to skydive or bungee-jumping off high bridges and cruising down ski slopes, Shigei faces challenges head on.
If she is not out to get her adrenaline up, she works as a business consultant in New York and holds an MBA and BA from Michigan State University. She is a beautiful, intelligent and brave woman inspired by the drive to combine extreme sports with a good cause.
Her latest venture is to climb the Kilimanjaro to help raise funds for Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), which is an international development organization that is committed to help the poorest regions of the world to address issues such as HIV, disability, poverty, education, health and well-being. She is in the final stages of her quest to reach the peak of the African mountain. Her journey will start on October 2nd and ends Ocotber 12th.
Mt. Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania, Africa. The mountain has three volcaninc cones, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira and is a dormant volcano. It is the highest mountain in Africa and the temperature at the peak is about -10 C.
The first one is to remember to continue to do something that matters. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is a challenge that I am doing for charity. This fundraising experience will allow me to think of someone outside of myself and my needs,” she says.
Just recently she has started her own blog “Forward Motion” on her upcoming adventure, so we can follow her journey to conquer the 5895-metre-high mountain. Shigei believes that sharing her experience with us should remind us that we are all one and that we must help one another, and to continue strengthening our own spine.
If you want to support the good cause of Shigei Gebremedhin please visit her fundraising page “Shigei Gebremedhin“.