Asmara, 6 October 2011-

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The participants of the Regional ‘Arab-Nubian Shield’ Geo-Congress  here in the capital conducted visit to mining sites  and places in which mining research and exploration activities are being conducted.

During their visit to Embaderho and its environs, as well as Adi Nifas, Bisha and Debarwa mining sites in groups, they were given briefings by experts regarding the research conducted, exploration and mining activities.

The group that visited Embaderho and its vicinity was given briefings by experts from Sunridge Gold Group engaged there in mining activities regarding the background, the study undertaken, the geographical position of the area and the resources there, in addition to the achievements so far scored and future action plan. In their briefings, the experts underscored that this site, located in the mining areas north of Asmara, is expected to be the largest mining site in the ‘Arab-Nubian Shield’. They further indicated as modern equipment is being applied, it would make substantial contribution to the nation’s economic development.

On Wednesday the Regional Geo- Congress participants attended musical performances during dinner reception at Asmara Palace Hotel.

The ‘Arab-Nubian Shield’ Geo-Congress in which representatives of Mining Companies from different countries, internationally recognized geo-experts, investors and service-rendering institutions are participating would continue until the 8th of October.