Webmaster’s Not All of our programmings, including interviews, panel discussions and others we ensure that balanced and responsible presenting is followed in line with the station broadcasting policy and the UK Law and Broadcasting regulations. That as a matter of internal policy, Adal Voice of Eritrea does not broadcast any notices, propaganda materials and press releases from any government or organizations affiliated to it, and any other political, government, religious or business organizations of all interests. In the event of any short comings in our provisions, we always are open to all kinds of constructive comments to make our programs useful, relevant and law abiding at all times. We do not appreciate, however, intimidation, coercion and blackmail as working principles. Adal Voice of Eritreans is not affiliated to any governmental, political or religious organisation. Our programs are produced and presented independently and for the sole purpose of inspiring, entertaining and informing Eritrean diasporas across the world. We hope that you would find our programs both enjoyable and inspiring.