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Younas Beraki pleaded guilty to the murder of Genet Kidane

Yonas Beraki, 33, was jailed for life after he admitted pushing Genet Kidane, 41, off a footbridge on to a busy road in January.

He had even told her where and how he planned to kill her but despite Miss Kidane asking police for help, he pushed her off the 25ft bridge as she walked to work.

She was discovered lying in the road by her daughter.

Coventry Crown Court heard that Beraki had been sent back to his native Eritrea three times but re-entered Britain by hiding in a lorry and had been living in the country illegally since 2005.

On Jan 12, as Miss Kidane walked to a branch of Primark where she worked as a cleaner, Beraki pushed her off a footbridge over the Coventry ring road – before throwing himself off the bridge as well.

Emma Cutts, prosecuting, said Miss Kidane had been put in fear for her life on a number of occasions.
“She made a complaint about his behaviour to police in July and October last year,” she said.
“He was persistent in his attentions to her, which were unwanted and unwelcome. On one occasion he had been in contact and threatened to kill her.
“She subsequently provided a witness statement, in which she disclosed he had said he would come behind her, push her and kill her. He said when he had killed her, he was not going to live.
“She even told police about the very bridge she fell to her death from.”
The pair had been in a relationship for about a year but it ended because of Beraki’s drink problems.
On the day of Miss Kidane’s death, the court was told that her 22-year-old daughter stumbled upon the scene.
Miss Cutts said: “As her daughter got to the top of the steps, she heard a female voice shout, ‘Why?’ This must have been Ms Kidane.
“She saw the defendant standing on the walkway of the bridge with his hand on the railings as if he was going to climb over the top.
“She was then aware that someone had fallen on to the road. She then realised the woman was wearing an identical coat to her mother. She dialled 999 and went to assist her.”
Beraki then jumped from the bridge in an apparent suicide attempt.
Sentencing him to serve at least 12 years, Judge Griffiths-Jones said: “I am satisfied that you became obsessed about and persistently disturbed her.
“You were deported from this country, but you came back, in my judgment, to pursue your obsession of not accepting the end of the relationship.
“Your obsessive knowledge about her routine meant you knew where and when she would be going to work, and you foreshadowed by what you had said to her that you would kill her in the way you eventually did.
“I have come to the conclusion that because of the end of the relationship you had decided she would die because if you couldn’t have her, she wouldn’t have a life of her own.”