President Shimon Peres of Israel has said the future of developing countries lies in investing in high technology practices to ensure security of food and water, adding that while people used to depend on land alone before, it is only through developing and promoting science use that can grow world economies.

President Shimon who lasted visited Uganda in the early 1960s, said building economic integration through promoting education wealth has no barriers and only one language which makes it possible for wisdom to cross any boarder and conquer any army, according to a State House statement.

He said his Israel has 25 percent of its agriculture under high technology making it yield over 15 times more than any other country in the world.
“This is because of technology. We look at plants and vegetables that don’t use a lot of water and use computers to determine what a plant needs. This year we got the best agriculture production up from just one tone to over 30 tones in a yield,” he said.
Promoting food security is central in Israel’s development activities. Israel has acquired considerable knowledge and expertise through its own rapid and successful agricultural development
President Simon Peres was meeting President Yoweri Museveni who paid a courtesy call on him at the Office of the President in Jerusalem. President Museveni is in Israel on a four day working visit.
President Shimon said he was very glad to host President Yoweri Museveni in Israel and commended him for championing democratic rule despite the past colonial times that divided the African continent. “Now Africa is awakening to rectify the past mistakes, ”he said. He congratulated him upon his re-recent election into office, saying this is proof of the trust that the people have in him.
Shimon Peres called for intensive investment into science and technology education, saying his country has already made break-through in science including treatment for Parkinson, diseases, reversing blindness and perfecting the ultrasound technology to improve health care.
President Yoweri Museveni called support for economic integration, adding that past leaders didn’t see the importance of integration through the economy and not just politics. He said Uganda like many other developing countries have a challenge of `brain drain’ and called for support in training and retaining science professionals.