The effects of sanctions have varying degree of effects in different countries and in different areas .

Short-term and long-term, impacts of sacntions.

Direct Effects
Decreased Imports
Food Imports
Agricultural Inputs – fertilizer, pesticides, spare parts

Decreased Exports
Impact on export earnings, access to foreign currency, etc.

Short Term Effects
Deterioration in health status;
Increased: Morbidity and mortality (esp. child),Maternal and perinatal [sic] mortality,
Low-birth-weight babies, Infectious diseases, Epidemics, Malnutrition;
Deterioration in water quantity and quality;
Deterioration in health services;
Decrease in available medicines, vaccines laboratory and diagnostic tests;
Breakdown of medical, Xray, lab equipments.

Decreased export earnings;
Decreased trade leading to closure of business and industry;

Long Term Effects
Reduction in the overall (general) health status of the population
Deterioration in health services and diminished [sic] national capacity to provide care;
Loss of previous gains in preventive and curative care services;
Resurgence of illness and disease associated with poverty (e.g. epidemics, infectious disease)

Chronically decreased economic activity;
Decline in revenue from all sources;
Decline in GDP, GNP, per capital income;
Loss of trade partners, regional/international trade interests;
Chronically high unemployment
Collapse of public and private infrastructure
Decline in public education.