Adal voice of Eritreans is exclusively dedicated to presenting the tales of Eritrea’s legendary history. We believe that our history, as such rich with tales of bravery, matrydom, valore and steadfastness in the face of the toughest adversity, can never be exagerated. It is our duty therefore to make our due contribution in helping to pass on this magnificient tale of survival against all odds to generations to come.

Here at Adalvoice, you will find many interesting historical analysis and presentations that we believe will jog your memories from our recent past. Adal Voice of Eritreans radio program has also scheduled shows, interviews and documentaries on the Eritrean History. Please feel free to share with us any material you may have that you think can enrich our program.

Adal voice of Eritreans strives to serve its listeners through quality presentations and media productions that highlight the main issues and challenges of Eritrean Immigrants in their quest to build new life outside their native country of origin.

The program covers documentaries, history reportage, art and music, multi-cultural presentations, panel discussions, celebrity interviews, life styles, women’s issue and children and young people’s program. It also explores Law and Society issues and presents News and Current affairs. Some main features include, ‘views with out limits’, a program presenting letters to the editor and Eritrean community events from across the world.

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