Ref: M0/009/2012
H.E. Mr. Baso Sangqu
President of the United Nations Security Council
New York
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Osman Saleh
In its letter of 18 January to the UN Security Council, the Government of Ethiopia misconstrues the tragic events of the deplorable killing of five foreign tourists in northern Ethiopia by armed gunmen to falsely accuse Eritrea of “direct involvement”. Furthermore, the Ethiopian regime ratchets these trumped up charges to goad the UN Security Council to take punitive measures against Eritrea and warns that “it will, (otherwise), be obliged to take whatever action is necessary to stop the activities of the Eritrea regime once and for all”.
Eritrea will not dwell much, in this letter, on the utterly groundless accusations deliberately peddled by the Ethiopian regime to serve other ulterior motives and objectives as it has already pronounced its position through its press statement earlier last week. However, Eritrea wishes to underline that the cynical posturing of the Addis Abeba regime that it has every right to invoke Article 51 of the UN Charter “In self-defense” and launch another war of aggression against Eritrea is not only legally hollow but carries the potential seeds of grave regional destabilization and conflagration. In the event, Eritrea wishes to emphasize and bring to the attention of the UN Security Council the following cogent points:
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