In the year 2011, more than 107 thousand nationals and foreign tourists visited Eritrea, disclosed Mr. Haile Alazar, director of research and information in the Ministry of Tourism.

He said that due to the prevalence of peace and security in the country as well as tourism attractions the number of tourists visiting Eritrea is growing and that compared to 2010 the number has increased by 16.5%.

He further indicated that the tourists are from Europe, America, the Middle East, Scandinavian countries, Asia and others, and that during their stay they visited major cities and historical sites.

Regarding the comments given by the tourists upon their return home, Mr. Haile said that they are impressed by the natural resources of the country, cultural diversity, tolerance, peace, security as well as the hospitability of the people.

Mr. Haile also explained that the Ministry of Tourism is working on raising the awareness of citizens in general and the youth in particular as regards the nation’s natural resources and historical sites, as well as the development of domestic tourism.