Asmara, 5 May 2012

Eritreans residing in Sweden contributed 600 thousands Nakfa for 60 war-disabled veterans in Anseba region.

The contribution made for the war-disabled veterans living in Halhal, Hamelmalo and Hagaz sub-zones is 10 thousand Nakfa for each war-disabled veteran and that was to enable them buy domestic animals, and there by improve their livelihood, according to Mr. Dawit Gebrekristos, head of the Eritrean War Disable Veterans Association Anseba region branch.

He further expressed appreciation for such contribution being made by Eritreans residing abroad and underlined that it denotes the gesture of Eritrean commitment towards war-disabled nationals.

Among the beneficiaries, Mr. Mohammed Ali-Osman, resident of Melebso, appreciating the Government and citizens who are providing them moral and financial support assuming national responsibility, he stated that they would properly use the money for improving their livelihood and become exemplary to the people around them.

Mr. Musa Ahmed-Mohammed, resident of Fana Administrative area, Hagaz sub-zone, on his part noted that the all-round assistance they receive is a gesture of commitment of the Government and people of Eritrea, and that he would work hard to improve his livelihood by buying domestic animals.