Massawa — The Health Ministry’s branch in the Northern Red Sea region said that an interior medical crew is carrying out effective mobile ophthalmic surgery service in rural areas. It further indicated that more than 500 cataract cases have been addressed so far through the campaign which was conducted in the sub-zones of Afabet, Nacfa, Adobha and Krora.

Dr. Samuel Kebede, the crew’s leader, said that the majority of the surgery-treated patients have already began to carry out their daily activities, and that such campaigns would be launched on a regular basis.

Stating that ophthalmic services were limited to Ginda and Massawa hospitals, Mr. Haile Berhe, a nurse, explained that the campaign was organized in collaboration with the regional Administration with a view to ensuring adequate outreach in this regard.

Among the treated patients, Ms. Amna Faid, Ms. Saedia Ali and Mr. Mahmoud Seid voiced satisfaction with the medical service.