The horn of Africa has seen recurring turbulent events again and again. Precious time wasted as is the demise of many innocent lives.

The lost opportunities can not be recouping once it is gone. Neighboring countries went to unwanted war that could have been resolved in a civilized manner sitting in a round table. Still the horn of Africa is one of the most unstable regions, due to the standoff between Ethiopia and Eritrea, Sudan and South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia, Eritrea and Djibouti.

Unfortunately, the tragic events are designed for purposes that do not benefit the citizens of the region. It is designed and is left to be implemented by countries of the region to those who are strangers to the countries who eventually will benefit in a long term through means of divide and rule. Youth of the region are deprived from being thinkers and academicians, and are carrying cannons and bullets.

The war between neighboring countries Eritrea and Ethiopia has come to closure when the “EEBC” Eritrea Ethiopia Border Commission ruled the boundary that divides the two countries. Unfortunately, under the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia did not comply and fulfill its obligation and is still sitting in a sovereign land of Eritrea. Eritrea accepted the ruling and has acknowledged since then that will be implemented fully.

Now that Meles Zenawi dies there is an ample opportunity for the new leadership in Ethiopia to take this opportunity to bring peace and harmony to the whole region. Eritrea on its part has never been the enemy of the Ethiopian people and understandably is to the benefit of the region to start a new chapter.

Once the two neighboring nations are able to resolve once and for all the mistrust, the domino affect will spiral to the region to earn lasting peace. The Djibouti Eritrea issue is emanated from the designers of the Ethiopia vs Eritrea case.

The Somali issue was getting their house in order before the invasion of Ethiopia. The mistrust and interference among Somalis prevented them to come together to solve their own problem by their own.

The Sudan, South Sudan case may not differ to the other conflicts in the region. It requires an honest broker to bring the case to close. Although the Sudanese vs South Sudan have had rocky and bumpy past, things that brings them together is definitely more than divided them. They can bring peace and harmony to their well being of their citizens and with that to the whole region. The discussions that already started between the two countries leaders hopefully will go beyond temporary benefits to garner them lasting peace.

Hopefully, the new administration of Ethiopia will come with positive attitude to clear the air in the region; will pull out their troops from Eritrean sovereign land.

With this the intended peace will flourish to all countries of the region, and will focus on trade exchange, business partnering and united front to protect all.

sources  – http://allafrica.com