Farmers in Emni-Haili sub-zone said that they are engaged in contingency patrol on farms and enclosures with a view to ensuring effective enclosure management and efficient harvest. They further explained that diverse crops that have been cultivated are in good state thanks to the provision of insecticide, fertilizer, select crops and other supplies by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Among the inhabitants, Rev. Asfaha Gebremedhin, Mr. Tahir Mohammed and Mr. Girmai Woldegiorgis pointed out that water resources have been enriched in line with the commendable amount of rainfall in the locality, besides the availability of impressive greenery in enclosures of grasslands. Moreover, they said that they anticipate bountiful harvest.

Indicating that the integrated land-preparation endeavors made by the farmers before the onset of the rainy season had visible impact on the promising farming activities, Ms. Semhar Tesfai from the Agriculture Ministry’s branch in Emni-Haili sub-zone lauded their diligence in translating into deeds professional advice.

Emni-Haili sub-zone is the site of the dams of Harnet, Dirko, and Ziban-Seb’o, as well as various micro-dams, on the basis of which several agricultural projects have been launched, including one utilizing drip irrigation farming.