Eritrean community members residing in Copenhagen city, Denmark, extended material support to schools in the Southern region. The support includes 800 books, 6 boards and 4 shelves, besides 562 desks and chairs.

Mr. Daniel Gebreliul, chairman of the community, indicated that they donated 1,872 educational equipments that include 21 computers and 10 wheelchairs to schools in the region since 2007.

Mr. Mustafa Nur-Husein, Administrator of the Southern region, lauded the initiative taken by the Eritrean community members in Copenhagen city, and called on them to strengthen endeavors to bequeath such national value to the young generation.

Mr. Kal’ab Tesfasilasie, head of the Education Ministry’s branch in the Southern region, voiced conviction that the equipments are of significant value in supplementing the demand for educational equipments. The branch office stated that 24 schools in remote areas would be beneficiaries of the support thus extended.