Implementation of set government projects for 2013 would go into effect: President Isaias

In brief remarks he made today at the Second National Investment Conference at Asmara Palace Hotel, President Isaias Afwerki said that the implementation of set government-sponsored projects for 2013would go into effect. Commending the contribution of nationals inside the country and abroad in the nation-building process over the past 20 years, the President noted the paramount importance of keeping intact such a national asset.

Meanwhile, in briefings they gave to Conference participants regarding investment prospects in the domains of agriculture, tourism and industry, the regional Administrators expressed readiness to collaborate with investors.

The potential investors on their part put forth views and opinions as regards the projects set for implementation in 2013, and expressed support to such public ventures. Moreover, they voiced optimism that the nation would attain significant economic development in the years ahead on the basis of integrated investment by citizen entrepreneurs at home and abroad.