indexThe assertion by Tekeda Alemu, Ethiopia’s ambassador to the United Nations (letter, Dec. 13), that Eritrea supported terrorism in Somalia has never been proved by solid evidence. Mr. Alemu knows full well who the architects of the sanction regime were. The punitive measures against Eritrea were taken not for the alleged violations reported by the “independent” United Nations experts, but to cover up his government’s refusal to respect the final and binding verdict of the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission, brokered mainly by the United States.

Ironically, Eritrea’s objection to the invasion of Somalia by Ethiopia and its refusal to recognize Somalia’s transitional government were the underlying reasons for the sanctions on Eritrea.

The problem between Eritrea and Ethiopia is a question of occupation. The way to move forward on this issue has always been for Ethiopia to withdraw from sovereign Eritrean territory. Peace, stability, mutual respect and better cooperation could prevail in the Horn of Africa if Ethiopia respected its treaty obligations.

Ambassador of Eritrea to the U.N.
New York, Dec. 18, 2012