Asmara, 10 January 2013 – A meeting of the regional Administrators was today conducted at the State House. The main agenda items of the meeting focused on streamlining and approval of the development plans for 2013 at the regional level and their implementation. At the initial stage, President Isaias Afwerki gave extensive briefings regarding development plans set for implementation at the national level in various sectors.

In the briefings, the President noted that the regional Administrations need to have a comprehensive picture as regards development programs mapped out for implementation at the national level in different sectors and in all parts of the country. He further outlined the infrastructure projects for 2013 and beyond that are of paramount importance for integrated growth and the budget requirement thereof. The projects comprise construction of strategic roads, bridges, railways, dams, airports, housing complexes, ports and harbors. In this connection, President Isaias made reference to the state of current machinery capacity vis-à-vis the envisaged increase and the required management.

He explained that the large-scale development projects set for implementation by national and foreign construction companies have been sorted out on the basis of their strategic importance, as well as the level of implementation capacity and availability of budget. Accordingly, the President gave a breakdown of those to be implemented during the current year across the nation.

These development projects involve construction of different infrastructure facilities, establishment of new construction equipment factories and the reinforcement of existing ones, expanding the capacity of agro-industrial plants, the putting in place of agricultural infrastructure, ensuring water supply and construction of housing complexes. Moreover, the projects are pertinent to the upgrading of grain and fuel storage capacity, introduction of modern communication technology, ensuring viable transport service, enhancement of domestic mining capacity, promoting pharmaceutical production and the like.

President Isaias stressed that macro-economic stability is a major prerequisite for ensuring sustainable economic growth, and that maintaining balance of payment is of great importance in this regard. Furthermore, he gave detailed briefings as regards the expenses incurred in the imports of fuel, construction materials, agro-chemicals, food consumption items and the like vis-à-vis their impact on fiscal balance. The President also underlined the significance of ensuring effective utilization of resources through streamlining organizational and managerial capacity, in addition to putting forth valuable ideas.

President Isaias further underlined the significance of ensuring effective management at all regional levels, and the need for regional Administrations to ensure dynamic information system so as to map out feasible development programs. Besides, he indicated that laying such groundwork is quite significant in the implementation of the work plans of other government institutions.

Following the President’s elaborate briefings, the meeting of regional Administrators conducted extensive deliberations and took note of the action programs charted by each Administrative region. Subsequently, it adopted the work plan of all the regions for 2013, and gave directives to this end.